Pepi Super Stores

Pepi Super Stores is a fun and safe edutainment for kids and their parents. Kids can invent their own scenarios and ways to play with thousands of items that can be found or created within Pepi Super Stores.

If you ever spent a day in a huge store you know just how awesome this activity can be – every store is different and offers new set of items to experiment with. Pepi Super Stores are loaded with fantastic contraptions from the future. Kids can throw fruits into food machine to make juice, but the real fun awaits when they realize that any item can be used and results will vary from unexpected to surprisingly spectacular. Game encourages curiosity and exploration. Kids can invent their own scenarios and ways to play with thousands of items that can be found or created within Pepi Super Stores. Parents can moderate the process to transform gameplay into learning.


Key features:

• 34 new characters.

• Change character clothes and hairstyles.

• Create clothes with your favourite graphics

• Use, mix and match any item.

• Fantastic machines brings hours of fun.

• Use the elevator to move between floors.

• Dedicated for 3-7-year-old kids.

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Pepi House

It’s a fun and safe educational game for kids about daily life in a household. Pepi House is a digital version of a classical toy — doll house. Pepi House is designed to be as reminiscent to real life toys as possible, but the digital element allowed us to offer something even more.


While playing kids can learn basic home rules, explore daily routines, learn the names and use of different equipment, experiment with various items and discover many new things every day. There are hundreds of items within Pepi House, most of them can be interacted with and some of them can be mixed and matched for awesome results!


Pepi House is all about the freedom of making your own choices and learning what you can do with various different items or their combinations.


Key features:

• 4 house floors representing different areas of a household.

• 10 different characters (Including favourite pets!).

• Hundreds of items available for play.

• Themed rooms carefully represent real life environment. Each room is filled with various items

you’d expect to find in a real house.

• Great animations and sounds.

• Can be played by various methods. Pepi House is all about the freedom to experiment.

• Use the elevator to move items and characters between different floors.

• For 3-7 year old kids.

Pepi Garage

Paint, customize, photoshoot your cars and unleash them into real world. It’s a perfect tool for little creators and it’s even outfitted with a camera tool to save Your masterpieces!

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Hurry up and stop by Pepi Garage. Paint, customize, photoshoot your cars and unleash them into real world. 
Pepi Garage is truly simple, yet very powerful tool to boost creativity and have fun. New characters, handful of paint cans and a whole new bunch of gadgets and stickers. With these amounts of tools, every car will be like no other!

Join your kids in the garage and help them create a vehicle of their dreams. Customization tools are so simple, that any kid will be able to use them alone, though we encourage every parent to stick around for a small talk. Paint, create, customize cars together and talk about all those wonderful places were your creation may come alive. 

• Creative activities
• Paint Room, Sticker Studio, Wheel Shop and more!
• 4 different characters
• Endless customization possibilities
• Camera to capture your creation in virtual, or real world environment!
• Great animations and sounds
• No in-app purchases
• For children 3-7 age

Pepi Bath 2

Pepi Bath 2 is a sequel to fan favourite and critically praised game Pepi Bath. Same at it’s core, but also expanded in every possible direction. Pepi Bath 2 offers updated graphics, smooth animations, four cute characters, new scenes and loads of fun!


Pepi Bath 2 is a role playing game, a toy and a little helper — depends on what are you looking for. It’s a fun way to experience bathroom routines and take care of cute, little friends. We took boring things and made them fun to encourage learning through play. The game can be used for educational purposes as well. We also encourage

parents to play together with kids. As a parents we get into frustrating situations now and then — kids won’t allow to brush their hair, protest any attempt to clean their nose or cut the nails. Pepi Bath 2 is here to help. Play together, talk about activities and solve all tiny problems with laughter!


Pepi Bath 2 has six different scenes — each of them covering different bathroom situation — at the sink, in the bath, taking care of clothes, going to a toilet, dressing up and laundry room.



• 6 scenes with filled with various bath activities

• 4 different characters

• Great animations and sounds

• Can be played as a set process or without any pre-set sequence

• No in-app purchases

• For children 3-7 age

Pepi Ride

Come one, Come all! Join us for a ride around colourful Pepi Island. Ride, explore and have fun commandeering unique car You just created!


Pepi Ride is a car riding app with a twist — it offers both creative activity and riding challenges!

Our adventure begins in the garage. Here little players picks a car and one of the four cute characters. From here kids hit the road immediately or fully customize their car. We offer easy to use, but powerful car customization tools — paint, various brushes, wheels, gadgets, stickers and even turbo boosted sharks. All and everything player may need to make his ride really unique.

Now open a map and get ready for adventure! Pepi Island offers 9 driving courses. Each level is set in a colourful and different fantasy location. As your course changes, so does the difficulty. Starting on a sunny beach with simple hills you’ll soon enter the forest or jungle full of stumps, tree ropes, footbridges and rocks. But wait, there’s more… We also have castles, mountains, pitfalls and even some friendly lava.

So get your adventurous spirit started, and let’s go exploring!

Pepi Doctor

Has your kid been ill? Ever fallen from the bike, caught a cold, or was reluctant to brush teeth and clean his ears? Was he afraid of doctors? Then you should meet Pepi Doctor, a very friendly doctor who doesn’t scare little children at all!


Pepi Doctor is a cheerful medicine-themed role game where children play a Doctor and cure three little patients Amber, Eva and Milo. It’s easy and fun to be a Doctor in this game: the player will explore over 20 doctors’ tools and get to cure five different diseases in his chosen sequence and at his own pace.


Pepi Doctor players will help a chosen patient who caught a cold, is sneezing, has a sore throat and running nose, is covered in scrapes or has an aching tooth or a broken bone. Try it all yourself – there’s much to cure and much to do!

Pepi Tree

Pepi Tree is an educational game where children explore tree-dwelling animals and their habits in a fun way.


The application has an educational background focusing on a tree as an eco-system or – using simpler words – a home for different animals. Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, what they eat and how they get their food, where exactly they live – in the branches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and more.


Encourage your kids playing and getting friends with those lovely tree inhabitants – a little worm, an owl, a spider, the squirrels, a hedgehog and a mole. Each of them lives on a separate “floor” of the tree and represents different tasks to accomplish what makes six different games.

Pepi Bath

I know it never happened to you! Pepi’s hands are dirty, her hair stands up and there are grass stems and leaves between her teeth. Should Pepi clean herself? Why is she frowning? Have you soaped her mouth by accident? Try popping soap bubbles, or maybe help Pepi wash her clothes. And do not forget to hang them out to dry. Here is much to do!


Pepi Bath is a role-play game where children learn about hygiene in a fun way. The app has 4 parts as different situations in which this cute character Pepi – a boy or a girl to choose – appears: at the sink, washing clothes, going to a toilet and taking a bath.


Pepi Bath can be played both as a set process of cleaning or without any pre-set sequence, where the player is free to choose what they do. In Pepi Bath there are no stress or win-lose situations. With Pepi Play children develop their sense of humor instead.





Pepi Play will share profit to support Autism Awareness

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